MS760 Corporation is proud to announce the evolution and continued support for the Morane-Saulnier designed MS760 aircraft and its plans to reintroduce the aircraft back to the forefront of aviation. The MS760 was the world's first “Very Light Jet”, or Personal Jet, designed in France in the 1950’s as a jet trainer and liaison aircraft. Certified in the Utility Category, it is highly maneuverable, fully capable of handling military aerobatics as well as being a comfortable yet versatile four-seat jet for business or pleasure.

Having been utilized by the French, Argentine, and Brazilian militaries for over 40 years, the MS760 was retired from service in 2007. Approximately 40 of the original aircraft that were manufactured between 1954 and 1961 are available through MS760 Corp. for sale to those who want to own a piece of aviation history that is both functional and fun. Choose from one of our completed inventory or we can custom complete an aircraft to meet your exact mission.

MS760 Corporation will handle refurbishment, service, and all training for MS760 owners. Each MS760 is being delivered with current inspections and includes avionics and design features as specified by each individual owner. Customize your Personal Jet today!



CJAA Yolo Jet Blast
Davis, California
April 21-24th

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